Machineart Industrial Design, Slims down and smooths out the most popular adventure touring bike on the market today, the BMW R1200 GS. The R1200GSM (M for Machineart) is designed to be a sleeker, sexier version of the stock GS. The GSM was built to promote the MachineartMoto brand of aftermarket parts for the current GS. Machnieart-moto products are sold through or dealers.

Machineart ID R1200 GSM and BMW R1200 GS

The GSM Design

Machineart’s design creates a new design language that is more beautiful, characterized by line and surface flow, while retaining the essential GS attributes of toughness, versatility, and customizability. The GSM concept achieves beauty and sophistication in a market segment where appearance has been secondary to functionality. The design looks ahead, reflects modern design principles and succeeds in its purpose to stimulate enthusiasts and promote the sale of MachineartMoto products.

Direct Digital Manufacturing

GSM body parts were modeled in Alias Studio Tools and SolidWorks 3D CAD software, and produced in ABS-M30 plastic directly from 3D CAD data using two Fortus 3D Production Systems ( from Stratasys. Fortus systems use FDM, the leading technology in 3D printing and 3D production. Fortus systems eliminate the need to make tooling to mold plastic parts and allow easy revision and customization from one set of parts to the next.

Planning the new look

Carefully modelled parts in Alias Studio Tools and SolidWorks 3D CAD software

Smooth new plastic parts

First coat of radiant red paint

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  • Luke

    So much plastic on a motorcycle never felt right to me. I realize that the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is the best selling car in the states, does BMW want to cash in on the market?

  • Andrew Serbinski

    Luke, have you had a good look at any modern motorcycle lately? Except for the engine, chassis, and wheels, it’s all plastic.

  • Gary

    If you want a cool BMW Boxer Stree Bike, start with a new R1200R, which is lower, better handling and sleek with the one-piece steel gas tank. Plus, it has aerodynamic hard cases that match the styling of the tank. After riding all of the standard bikes that appealed to me, I bought a black 2009 R1200R and I’m lovin’ it.

  • Chad

    Yeah. This looks like people forgot that the R1200R exists already. No need to restyle the GS to be sleeker, that’s not what it’s for. Let the straight R do that.

  • MagicDave

    Chad & Gary, You are missing the point of what Machineart has accomplished. They took the Jeep of motorcycles and made it into a canyon carver. Trust me Gary the added ground clearance is substantial and the lean angle is so much better than you can achieve on your r1200r that any decent rider will flat leave you eating their dust in the twisties. Personally I don’t ride like that any more since I discovered that I was no longer “Superman” and was in fact mortal but when I lived in California I had a Yamaha GS1100 that I converted to chain drive to get rid of all that un-sprung weight and what I would up with was a “scooter” that would peel your eyelids back and could blow the proclaimed canton king Suzuki gs1100’s which were exceptional bikes for running fast in the mountains. That bodywork doesn’t reduce much of the body weight except that huge brush guard is gone and it is a very attractive if also very tall bike but…….it keeps those cylinders higher above the pavement than you r1200r. I am over 6 feet and the r1200r feels cramped with no where near enough “legroom” for my tastes. In the twisties, in town, and especially out on the interstate I would choose the R1200GS over the R1200R every time. I plan on purchasing the plain GS without all of that off road accessories because I am not going to ride to Tierra Del Fuego and on the road the confort offered by the GS over the R is noticeable. Currently I have an R1200C which I intend to keep forever mostly because it is fun to go cruising with my friends that all have V-twins. I love the technology that BMW offers. If I were wealthy enough I would have a brand new R1200RT for my coast to coast jaunts but alas I am not wealthy enough to have 3 motorcycles but hey my R1200C was fairly inexpensive compared to any of the new models.