The 2010 Honda Fury Chopper has been out for a few weeks now and people have been buying them up all across North America.  A local Honda dealer revealed to us that he only received 4 choppers from Honda and sold them before they even arrived at his shop.

The Fury is at a great price for those who want a stylish chopper look, but are you sacrificing quality for a bargain chopper?  Do sloppy welds break your heart or can you tough it out and live with them knowing you got a unique looking bike at an affordable price?

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The price of the 2010 Honda Fury is at a decent $13,000 for a base model, a good chunk less then other choppers on the market which may set you back $20,000 or more.  But are you willing to pay what you get for it?

Sloppy welds on the Fury were noticed by our own editors back when they did a review on the chopper in February.

But the most glaring deficiency in the Fury’s finish quality are the sloppy welds visible on the exposed frame tubes around the steering head. Even the hammer-handed Teutels of American Chopper fame would’ve done a nicer job.

So it’s a bit of a trade off.  You are getting a unique looking chopper from Honda at an affordable price, but you are losing some of the quality you might get from other manufacturers.

There is currently a discussion going on at the Honda Fury Forums about the welding on the cruiser bike.

Here’s a shot of Brandon‘s Fury:

The sloppy welds are also visible on promo shots from Honda.

You would think they would clean up the promo shots of the Fury.  Maybe they are doing it on purpose as an aesthetic choice?

Do the welds make much of a difference for you?  Do you think they are an added aesthetic touch or a short-cut to keep the price of the chopper low and affordable to more riders?

Personally, I’d still pick one up if I was in the market for a chopper.  The price is great for someone on a budget and I still love the look of it.

What do you think?

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  • Phoghat

    Honda sells bikes that are even cheaper than the Fury and they don’t have sloppy welds. I think that because they think that buyers would be all hot for a ready made chopper that they just didn’t give a crap.

  • Torque1997

    Suprisingly sloppy work from Honda. Many of their bikes (cruisers in particular) lack passion in style and performance but they are generally well built. Never the less, if I was in the market for a budget chopper these welds wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

  • I owned a 06 VTX 1300 C that was hunk of junk and Honda would not even trouble shoot the problem (cooling fan, it came on at 270 deg.F ) and their answer was it works even if the motor melted your boots. I fixed the problem with a new Yamaha and the blower comes on at 210 deg, amazed me.

  • The Japanese are far too meticulous for this to be accidental; my money’s on a conscious decision to make the bike look more hand-built, like it came unique out of your bro’s garage and not in the thousands out of some huge soul-less factory. But yeah, even my bro’s a better welder than that.

  • Dr_Sprocket

    In the bicycling community, neat welds are the thing. Ther’s nothing more exciting than nicely finished fillet brazed welds. Smaller shops have to have nice welds to compete with bigger companies. IF (and that’s a big IF), Honda did this to make it look like the bike came out of a smaller shop, then they missed the mark completely.

  • welds are terrible on the Fury, not what one would expect from Honda

  • pompy pendon

    I dont care what you say about the honda fury chopper. Anyway, I do not dream of owning a bike that is too big (1200 cc)for asians like me, I’ll stick to my honda steed 400. The fury is designed for you caucasians so love it or leave it. I will wait for a honda fury designed for honda motorcycle – crazy asians like me say, how about a 400 cc fury? Get it honda people? Thank you very much

  • Josip Roncevic

    Honda Fury must be done in according good engineering practice.All weds must be in according to API and ASTM standards .Price is not so low as it like.
    Hovewer you can have a super quality chopper bike by Suzuki ,Ex Intruder VS now in USA seria S 40-S 80 .
    They will improove their design too with nice & nerrow tank.

  • james giameos

    i own a 2010 model fury and im happy. no problems its got 5500 kms in 5 months,no problems. im one satisfied customer..

  • michael

    the questionable welds could be ground down sanded and repainted relativly inexpensively