Vespa has posted up 2 new videos promoting their 2009 Vespa LX 50 4T 4V, 2009 Vespa LX 150 and 2009 Vespa GTS 125 Super.

I don’t know about you but I feel like listening to my iPod when watching these videos.  The dancing silhouettes have been done before, Vespa…  Also, the dancing people work better for an advertisement of a music player then for a scooter, but I guess you are trying to show people how much fun Vespa scooters are.

And they do look like fun, especially whizzing around some European town.  But are they fun enough to dance too?

Hit the jump to see the video for the 2009 Vespa LX 50 4T 4V, LX 150 and the GTS 125 Super.  And for anyone who is interested, here is a review of a 2007 Vespa GTS 250ie.

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  • Phoghat

    Its not a big motorcycle
    Just a groovy little motorbike
    Its more fun that a barrel of monkeys
    That two wheel bike
    Well ride on out of the town
    To any place I know you like
    Thank you Brian Wilson

  • Leonardo

    Does a Vespa GTS make you want to Dance? NO. But I bet the sticker price will, Kind of like when you’ve got to pee real bad.