We know you guys have been wondering and asking and pondering the pricing of the 2010 Honda Fury Chopper so I thought I’d make a post to flat out state how much you’ll have to dish out for the Fury.

There are three different price points that Honda has announced and they are between $12,999 and $13,999.

See the full post for details!

$12,999 — Black, Silver Metallic, Ultra Blue Metallic, Dark Red Metallic

$13,499 — Matte Silver Metallic

$13,999 — Black (ABS version)

There you have it.  MSRP of the Base 2010 Honda Fury is $12,999 and then don’t forget about all the accessories you can add on such as bags and what not.

Motorcycle.com’s spec page on the chopper has not been updated with the price yet but it has all the specs for you to look over.

The Fury Forums are all up and starting to get some action so head on over if you have no one around you to talk about the new Honda Fury.

There you have it.  Start saving!

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  • If I weren’tt already bike-poor, I’d get the one with the black wheels!

  • ian gautreaux

    i think the rake needs to be increase.

  • roderick

    See it,love it,when will it be in south australia.

  • midnightrain

    Honda has been building good quality bikes since the beginning, I’ve owned and own a few myself, and this just confirms that they are the BEST!!! Keep it up!

  • I believe they should make different size engines ie, 900cc to 1600cc (as an option) for the new fury. Some female riders may prefer a smaller engine.

  • gordon lehnert

    I never owned a Honda, be on a Harley eer since I’ve been riding. When I saw the FURY I fell in love with it. I called the local dealer and asked if he had one when he said yes I went to see it. I didn’t like it much in the showroom, it didn’t look as long as it does in the ads. But, I saw one going down the road the other day, I want one. The dealer wouldn’t trade me straight up SO, if anyone wants a classic Harler,1968 Sportser, all original, excellent condition, 16,278 miles, get in touch with me and maybe we can work something out. My Harley is just too big forr me because of myy hip propblem and my wife wants to start riding so I need something lewer to the groud. I need a Fury. The NADA book value on my bike is 11,500 buts it,s going to get higher because they only made 1992 of them and most were chopped or dropped or bopped. Mine is a rareity. But ride safe. Lehnert 9863-858-7740

  • Crispin Ramos

    Do you still have the bike. If so, please email me with your cell/home number and I’ll call you.

  • Rebecca

    I have the Fury in Metallic Blue w/spoiler (Mister) is his name. I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!! Went for a customer appreciation day in Sept. 2009 where I brought my 2005 Honda Shadow, test drove the Fury brought it on the spot!!!!! INCREDIBLE – handles well, sexy and well equipped to move, precaution- be careful on wet pavement(as with any bike) back tire likes to grip the pavement.

  • I’ve heard alot of great things about this bike. But how does it fit a guy that’s about 6′, 210lbs? It looks a little small…

  • Im having a hard time getting a loan so i can enjoy the ridding of a Fury. It will happen i know soon! If you know some out there let me know O.K. John

  • Olive m

    I have a metallic blue fury 2010 for sale low kms great bike ,lady driven never dropped ,or raced lots of throtle ,looked great asking $10800