Harley-Davidson has JUST uploaded a new video to YouTube (seriously! It was at 0 views when I got there!).  The video is a behind the scenes look at Harley-Davidson’s photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

Watch the behind the scenes footage from Harley-Davidson’s new print campaign in the June Issue of Vanity Fair that salutes women riders and encourages females who have not yet hit the road on two wheels to “experience life with no regrets.” The women featured are health and wellness expert and NBCs The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels; Grammy®-winning singer-songwriter Jewel; television and film actor Tricia Helfer; and Los Angeles rider/entrepreneur Deborah DiMiceli.

Wow, Jewel is still around?  Let’s not forget that Harley-Davidson has declared May to be Women Riders Month.  Hit the jump to check out the video.

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  • Other Women

    This is good that Harley-Davidson is seeking women riders, but this ad is only geared toward white women riders; what is Harley-Davidson doing to draw black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and the list keeps going of women who may want to ride a Harley-Davidson bike, but feel they aren’t wanted because there is never any advertisements gear to reach them. This is an uptapped market…

  • Mark Prociw

    That’s an interesting point. Perhaps Harley is hoping the focus is mainly on just women riders and not race or color. Some diversity in the ad could only help though and I think some diversity in locations they picked would be good too.

    They have the typical farm, mountain road and garage setting. What about city riders or cross-country riders?

    It’s all marketing tactics so even though they are all for supporting women riders, they are still a company, and they are still targeting their most popular female demographics.