Buell On Ice

World first for the fastest bike on ice

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About 2.7 million years ago a meteorite crashed into Hälsingland, Sweden creating the Dellen lake system, which only freezes over once a year. On March 4th with temperatures at -10C, Craig Jones, riding a Buell 1125R complete with a nitrous oxide kit (an estimated extra 50bhp), reached a top speed of 148.7mph on a 1.1km run over the frozen Lake Dellen.

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“I firmly believe that your head is the biggest limiting factor in pushing to the edge. The less you think about the risks, the further you can push yourself. So I kept it simple. I just put the bike into gear, tucked down and went as fast as I could.” Craig said.

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Buell Extreme

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  • Rider

    Good riding. Good skills. Good video. … Nice commercial. Everything’s high tech … except the boat anchor HD engine. Nitrous needed for an 1100+ cc to hit 148mph? This was a publicity stunt. A Japanese 600 could have topped this with no boost.

  • http://Badweatherbikers.com Froggy

    Boat anchor HD engine? The bike has a 146hp water-cooled V twin that is assembled by Rotax. What rock you living under? Must be the same one that makes you think any bike with no traction would easily break 148mph, regardless of engine size or country or origin. Also, note that he got to 148mph in one kilometer, with more room he possibly could have hit 176mph, which is the bikes top speed limited only by gearing. Please post a video when you try and do this with your stock 600!

  • Rider

    Forget I said it. I take it all back. Nice bike.