A team of nine from MIT won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge with their Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand Systems, this full-scale working concept won the group $100,000 for their efforts. The RoboScooter is a lightweight, folding, electric motor scooter. It is designed to provide convenient, inexpensive mobility in urban areas.

Check out a photo of the breakdown after the jump.

“Mobility-on-Demand systems utilize fleets of shared-use lightweight electric vehicles placed at automatic charging racks throughout a city. The CityCar and RoboScooter, both folding vehicles, along with the Green-Wheel Bicycle, minimize parking space and can be picked-up and dropped-off at any rack. Mobility-on-Demand systems maximize mobility and dramatically reduce congestion and pollution through energy and land-use efficiency.” – excerpt from the team’s proposal

  • Richard McCue

    Cool. When did they start teaching design that looks good at MIT? While it’s not going to replace “real” motorcycles it might make zipping around town entertaining. And if the public use mode really works maybe everybody will finally have some respect for motorcycles. After all at some level they will all be motorcyclists.