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Once upon a time, the motorcycle industry wasn’t concerned about appealing to women riders. When Men were Men, Motorcycles were Motorcycles and Women were also Motorcycles.

  • toomanycrayons

    One of the completely unintended consequences of returning to motorcycling, after years and years, is to discover that women’s faces light up when I burble up on my used yellow ’99 VRF and walk toward them in my 6′ 2″s of BMW black suit and white Arai Profile. I’m the same old wanker I ever was. Am I suddenly manifesting something that these women find appealing? Maybe the ad says more about women than bikes and guys. On the other hand, at a Ducati demo last year, I was following a tight set of pink/white leathers on a 1098(?). God help me, but I think it was love. I’m assuming that her bike was a “guy”, of course. Maybe if women were the target demographic we’d have Brad Pitt morphings? Do I want to know this?

  • Baxter Eaves

    Yeah…I got one like that!
    but it’s a VMax…

  • Rider

    Yeah…I got one like that…but she rides me

  • Silly Woman

    The whole idea of a woman literally turning into an object, even if it is a motorcycle, will always be shocking and appalling. This is disgustingly literal objectification.