John Gibson had a vision 15 years ago to sell ice cream from a motorcycle sidecar, inspired while running as he listening to motivational guru, Tony Robins. After years of experimenting with different bikes and setups, including using the Russian made Ural (he once owned a Ural dealership), Gibson, finally settled on the Honda 750 Shadow and the Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster.

The Cool Cycles Ice Cream Company is open for business, the headquarters are located in Tacoma, WA where they will start selling franchises within a 100 mile radius, the Los Angeles area will be next and Las Vegas to follow.

Franchises will cost $39,000 that includes the $7,000 franchise fee (10-year agreement), motorcycle, freezer unit (holds 600 bars), training, trademark licenses and uniform. The company carries high-end product, including Breyer’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks.

Gibson has already invested over a million of his own money and claims he will give all of his profits to charity to help needy children after becoming fairly wealthy building and developing apartments near downtown Tacoma.

For more information go the Cool Cycles website.

  • Alexis Logsdon but can’t get the financing for it

    can you make me a side car freezer with an inverter on it to plug into my motorcycle and upgrade my charging unit? the average ice cream box is less than a foot so 1′ wide should be sufficient, and if you can make it four feet long and three feet deep i should be able to carry a days sales on it. I also need a speaker on it to play a loop recodring or two. i’m trying to open kas-a-roll llc but can’t get the financing for it, this will make me money till i’m ready. how much? motocycle details…shenke sl 250, 13 inch tires.

  • paul holmes

    do you have more of this one for sale and what is the freezer powered by. how do i get more info

  • jorge ocegueda

    I would buy one of them have the price of this bike for ice cream