The Honda SH150i has been a big seller in Europe for years and will finally be coming to the U.S. in May. Honda might be arriving a year late, missing the huge demand from last years gas spike and is a little pricey at $4,499 considering you can get a Kawasaki Ninja 250R for $500 less.

The scooter comes with a peppy and fuel efficient, liquid-cooled fuel-injected four-stroke 153cc single-cylinder engine riding on 16-inch wheels and also features the Combined Braking System (CBS).

  • Scott

    Nice scooter but another example of Honda’s recent “talent” for missing the mark. Just do it Honda – bring us the new Super Cub! Before the Tawainese or Chinese do it first.

  • Jan Johnson

    Wha!? My 04 CB600 in wicked great shape isn’t worth $4400 these days and they’re trying to get that for a scooter?

  • Marvin Ziss

    It’s de ja vu all over again. I may be mistaken, but doesn’t that Honda scooter bare a more than faint resemblence to the Kymco People S200? I currently own a People S250 (along with three Harleys) and I think it’s a great machine.

  • Ted White

    Way overpriced. If it were $3499 (about what the Kymco costs) they’d sell like hotcakes. But $4499? I only paid $400 more new for my ’07 Ninja 500!

  • JSH

    As other’s have said Honda must think we are stupid. You can get a Kymco or SYM 125 scooter for $1000 less than this Honda and it will have a 2 year warranty instead of a 1 year warranty that Honda offers.

    Considering that SYM and Kymco are the companies that actually manufacture small displacement scooters and motorcycles for Honda and the rest of the Japanese companies why would I pay $1000 more for a scooter with the Honda name?

  • JSH

    BTW, the Honda Cub is coming back to the US except that it won’t be called the Cub. SYM – USA will be selling the SYMba in 2009. It is basically a Honda Cub with telescopic forks and a 100cc engine for $2,598. SYM started manufacturing the Honda Cub for Honda in 1962 so I suspect they have a pretty good idea how to make one by now. (SYM manufactures ~ 1 million scooters and motorcycles per year, both for their own brand and for other manufacturers. )

  • EAB

    Everyone says how out of line the price is, but really I don’t see it. The comparable bikes are carbureted and air cooled. The nearest competitor to the SH150i is the SYM HD200, but it’s not even close to a 200, but rather it’s a 171cc. So you compare 153cc to a 171cc. The Sym HD200 is carbed, not FI. The price comparison is 3798 vs 4499 for the Honda. Is a Honda dealer, parts, and service worth $700 more? I have seen Helix’s with over 100K miles on em so I would guess they are.

  • Duke

    Whaaat! JSH, you need to check your facts. SYM is not producing the Honda Cub and has never manufactured anything for Honda. It’s a knock off! Nothing more than a knock off. You must be a sales person for SYM.

  • I have to think the Kymco Yager 200i would be the better comparison, but I think they have also yet to arrive.

  • Robin

    No matter what you say, it is a blast to ride and I love mine. The red is beautiful and it is a smooth ride.

  • carl mattson

    i like the honda vary much!!!! about year ago i bought 2008 rideline knock wood it best thing i ever bought !! never had a problem ,then in 7/28/2009 i bought the honda sh150i red and silver what great bike, well built!! i know the price is litte high but you only get what you pay for !! an i got some that will last , an last !!! thank you for let me share somming with you.. carl mattson from marshfield mass

  • Joe

    I love my SH150i. Maybe it is priced a little bit higher than some other scooters but it is a high quality bike with many nice features; water cooled, linked brakes, 16″ wheels, and a smooth running 15.5 hp fuel injected engine. Plus Honda has traditionally manufactured high quality machines with good parts availability for years after the model run ends. I bought mine for the list price OUT THE DOOR ($4499.00 otd) so it really wasn’t all that much more expensive than many other 150 cc scooters are out the door. If someone is short on funds than they may have to buy a cheaper scooter, however you won’t go wrong getting a SH150i if you can afford it.

  • 9pilot

    Picking up my new SH50i on Friday. Let you know what I think in a few weeks. BTW do your homework….bike can be found at some dealers….out the door for less than $4000.

  • Cavallo

    Got mine for $4k otd. I couldn’t be happier.

    “There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey.”
    -John Ruskin

  • Dan

    I’ve had my SH150i for a few weeks and its worth every penny. 92mpg on my first tank, lets see the competitors do that. You get what you pay for. Loving it!!!!

  • Larry C.

    Bought my Sh150i (used with just 30 miles) for $800 below list at my Honda dealer in Dec, 2010. It’s proved itself a good commuter/errand runner and adds some fun to otherwise dull chores. I’m over 250 lbs and my mpg is in the low 80s.
    Only critique is the rear drum brake. My Sh150i has been fun and reliable.

  • frank mc donald

    got a new one and absolutely love it. 87 miles per gallon and it handles great. 71 years old and feel 21 while on the scooter. If you are going to but a scooter, this is the one to get.