Harley-Davidson has added a new bike to their Sportster Dark Custom roster.  The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 and it’s under $8,000!  Not a bad price for the Harley-Davidson experience.

Here’s a few pics to wet your appetite.  Hit the jump to see more and a video promo from Harley-Davidson themselves.

More Pictures are Here!

Read Motorcycle.com’s Review Here!

Bike Specs are Here!

Harley’s cool promo video that I would like to call:

“Hipsters on Harleys”

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I want this bike.

  • Dustin

    Not a bad price for a Harley, but horrendously expensive for an uncapable motorcycle.

  • The video won me over. I want to be as cool as that guy and go to some drag strip while I wear plaid.

  • Insulting the Sportster is like insulting a 66 GTO while drooling over a G35. Personally I’ll take the Goat and the Sportster and you can have the foreign stuff. I will catch up at the red lights and still be smiling.

  • Michael Lynch

    The difference between a 66 GTO and an 883 Sportster is that the GTO runs like a raped ape, the Sportster barely outruns some of the big motorscooters on the road today! Way too much money for so little performance. Typical of the fare from Milwaukee, big bucks and no bang! They all look the same, lots of flat black, glitz and glamore. Buy a Harley and then spend more $$$ again than you gave for the bike to almost make it run with anything else on the road. No INSULT, just an undeniable fact. If you want a Harley then this is the price of entry into the basement of the club.

  • dustin wisconsin

    what scooter goes 100+ i own this bike its awsome

  • Honda Scooter, 2002 Silverwing with 582cc will go 107 mph

  • I forgot to say I want this bike too!

  • John A

    I don’t care if a scooter will do 150+, i’d rather cruise on an Iron any day of the week.

  • esteban Heredia

    hold my balls … this bike is way to nice everyone who has to talk bad about this is full of shhhhhhh*T

  • DustyDawg

    Harleys are the Rolex of bikes. Yeah I can buy a Japanese digital watch that will tell me the time all over the world, automatically change for daylight savings time, give me altitude, barametric pressure etc etc. And it only costs $19.95 at the check out line at Wal-Mart.

  • robert

    It’s all about emotional wants. As long as the bike fulfills that want, whether by looks or performance, there is no use in negativity and bashing each other. The riding fraternity (or sorority for that matter) are uniquely all in this together as opposed to the uninitiated. Ride happy folks, don’t forget to wave, it’s like saying I am enjoying my life. Make this a better world for everyone!!!

  • Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m 75 and the pic above looks like me 30 years ago.