What happens when you take away a smokin’ hot gymnast’s balance beam and replace it with a Harley-Davidson Fat Bob?

It’s only 30 seconds but who’s to stop you from playing it over and over again?

Now what would be even more amazing is if there was a dude riding that bike on the highway while she did that.  What would be a million times more amazing would be if that dude was me.

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  • toomanycrayons

    I like how she was peeved at the perv commentary. If women didn’t put up with this kinda crap they might be easier to understand. Yeah, right.

  • The_AirHawk

    When I was young, my joints were limber and my pecker was hard. Now, it’s the other way ’round………..

  • She needs to post this on the Isle of Man website. It’s a perfect isle logo done on a human canvass.