My parents never indulged my fascination and passion for motorcycles as a kid, hoping it was merely a passing phase that I would grow out of like wetting the bed. Well nearly 30 years later, I no longer sleep on plastic sheets, but I am just as crazy about motorcycles as ever. If you don’t want to make the same mistake with your kids, Peg Perego has developed a Streetfighter for little ones. Recommended for children aged three and up, the Ducati Monster Motorcycle was made with permission and cooperation from Ducati.

The small scale model of the Monster has a 12-volt rechargeable battery making speeds of 7.5 mph and the ascension of 10 percent slopes attainable. In addition to the realistic accelerator handle and pedal brakes, this junior Ducati features a front working light, rumbling motor and horn sounds. Measuring 44.25-inches long, 26.5-inches wide and 15.60-inches high, this mini Monster is also equipped with training wheels that can be removed the little tykes learn how to balance the bike on their own. My recommendation would be to treat your kids well and indulge their interests; after all, they are the ones who will be choosing your retirement home.


  • That is a really good idea. It’s so important to support your kids, no matter what they want to do!

  • Matt

    I got this for my nephew last year. A word of caution: it’s not just a toy. There is a limiter that can be set to keep it slow. The idea is that as the child gets more comfortable and confident, you can take off the training wheels and give them more power. My nephew’s father didn’t know this and put him on it without training wheels and with the power set to ‘full’. He’s now effectively scared my nephew away from his Duc for the immediate future.

  • Matt

    A quick update to my above comment. The weather was nice this weekend and my nephew climbed onto his Peg Perego Ducati and didn’t get off for three hours! I think he’s a potential future motorcyclist!

  • I wish to be a kid again!

  • Shalonda Henderson

    Where can I purchase this at? My son has been wanting a motorcycle and I figured this will be his year seeing how he is a little older.

  • Robson gomes

    Where i can purchase that morocicle ? Please let me know my kids start to cry, because they want this model, thanks

  • Robson gomes

    I do not receive the answer yet, to how buy this motorcicle…