Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, designer for Chanel and Fendi, noticed the popularity of scooters last year so he couldn’t resist adding the mink-covered helmet to his winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection. “Now everyone is on scooters, even chic women, so we had to do the helmet,” said Lagerfeld. The helmets are “road ready” and are even equipped with an iPod connection.

I knew if I held on to my fur covered helmet long enough it would make a come back!


  • This sounds like an interesting move in the world of fashion, and of course the ‘biker’ world as well. I wonder if this will catch on quickly or will be one of those unfortunately short-lived phases that forever remains in one form of obscurity or another. We shall see….

  • Gabrielle

    Is it the sour puss on the model or at the extremely ginormous size that makes this helmet so unappealing?