You might not be able to find them at your dealer yet, but BMW’s S1000RR and Honda’s Fury already have dedicated on-line forums.

If you’re looking to get all the latest dirt on the new Beemer, just head over to the BMW S1000RR FORUM. Likewise, if you want to discuss anything about the yet to be released Fury, just head over to the HONDA FURY FORUM.

It’s nice to know that Motorcycle-addicted surfers have a place to nitpick over every detail or endlessly fawn over these two new bikes. C’mon, who needs a fix?

  • guy mallarino

    I drive a Honda Shadow now and was thinking about a Harley.
    Now that I have seen the Fury…..Hey!!!, my mind is made up….I have to get the Honda Fury…..Beautiful Bike

  • Yep,I saw it and I’m drooling. Finally a costom chopper for the hundredaires out here in the real world. First question is it made in Ohio? Don’t know Will there be a (crash bar)Road bars available for it so when you drop it,and you will,How much is one mirrow,one brake leaver,one instament clust,and that foot peg and brake arn’t going to grow back on it’s own.Windshield? this is a chopper right? Smile when you get to were your going and use a tooth pick there $1:29 for a 100 and fit in your vest,next to your stop smoking gum.Now you’ll have the dickheads out there that will say it ain’t a F#*ken Harley. To which you get to say yea I don’t have to go into a HD dealer leave it for 2 weeks while they titen my belt every 2500 miles,because long befor there was a BMW or Zundap,and Honda there were no mantaiance shaft drives.There producers vented the exhaust out of the building.Now let talk the economy. It’s in the shiter.So who up to take the next swing at us poor basters,the insurance company.How big is that thing between your legs (LOL get your mind out of the gutter) as they see it each cc cost you bucks. If Honda made that bike with a 250cc top end, that later could be unscreewed and, turned into a 750,then a liter.Like Kawasaki did with there 3 cyclender 2 stroks back in the 70’s. Any kid in his right mind would skip the scooter market,and drop his X on a 250 w a 200mm back tire. Moms wouldn’t sweat it cause it only goes up to 70,and ma has had a few tickets for that speed in the school zone. A grow as you know (learn) bike is nothing new. My Dad’s riding buddy bored there jugs out that if they took one more millameter more they’ld have had a new pile of giant washers.Thanks
    Honda for driveing across America on a Honda Dream and knowing there was some thing bigger needed here,the 1969 750cc,then the Goldwing in 1976 which still rules the road if your looking for high tec a warm ass and hands. My GL1200I was $6500.00 out the door. You understand cool with this fury now let’s get the kids into the game,with cheep insurance.Indian of N.C. has been hitting the pipe to hard,HD has Porshe’s Jr.enginers coble together a water headed baby,with a belt drive,Victory the snowmobile on two wheels thinks every guy out here has small dick syndrome.Oh my engine is really big and look I can change my belt in 6 hours on the side of the road,without the dealers help.Real fun,here are the pictures of my wife haveing heatstroke cause she wouldn’t drink my urine,fun,fun,trip.Is the fury priced right ahh dealers got make a living. Do or don’t what I wrote for you. I’ld buy one befor someone has a brain fart ans puts a set of 50mm forks up front.Live Fre or Die,Ride it like you stole it! Your truely an Americian Biker.God Bless,Honda and any one else in this market.

  • snegoviksukablyat

    im new on this forum….