Motorcycle engineer, Alfred Boning, created the BMW R7 in 1934 as a prototype. Before World War II, the bike was put aside due to its heaviness and high production cost. In 2005 it was discovered in a box, restored back to its former glory and is now in working order.

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  • Ivan

    What an exotic piece of machinery! Isn’t it amazing what you can find in a box covered with dust? You gotta thank the people who devoted themselves to restoring this beauty. A true collector’s item, I’m sure a number of motorcycle enthusiasts will be looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. I know I am…

  • Steve Cowper

    Imagine if there had not been a war and BMW had pursued this direction in motorcycle design. Even all this time later it is still a stunning looking machine.

  • Eric

    What an incredible piece of art. I’ve never really been a “Beemer” fan until their sport bikes of late. This is a bike which I would own in a second. God —- that is beautiful….