Wired magazine’s interview with McG (really, that’s his name), director of the upcoming “Terminator Salvation,” provides insight and cool images from the latest installment of the “Terminator” franchise.

The magazine’s blog article features a number of sneak peeks of props and scenes from the movie. The interview also reveals how the director hopes to bring back respect for the series following “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s much-maligned 2003 swan song, ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.’”

Of particular interest to me are the “remote-controlled motorcycles dispatched by Skynet to destroy the humans.” These things look like Alien mated with a streetfighter.

I wish I had one of these killer bikes during my motorcycle courier days in Los Angeles…


  • Motorhead

    This design was stolen from another designer, who came up with this concept to be used on another film…15 years ago..

    see for yourself…www.terminatorsalvationmotorcycle.com

  • Stolen? That claim seem highly debatable. From an outsiders POV I find the similarities between “Moto-terminator” and the “Protospeeders” are few and far between. In-fact the only similarity I can see is that both are based on a motorcycle platform. The concept of a self-driving robot-motorcycle hybrid has obviously been explored by many and executed by very few.

    Are these two concepts similar, Yes. Sure they are. Stolen, probably not. Several key differences between the two concepts back up this defense.

    1. Moto-Terminator seems to be an emotionless simple droid robot programmed to kill. Protospeeders seem as if they will have an i-Robot identity crisis thing going on.
    2. Moto-Terminators don’t have a ‘body’ – Protospeeders are an un-natural melding of 3cpo and a Suzuki.
    3. Moto-Terminators and their awesomeness was actualized while Protospeeders were not.

    Both were probably stolen from this one: http://blog.motorcycle.com/2009/06/09/motorcycle-news/unmanned-motorcycle/