Here are a few things going on around the Forum Network:

Lane Splitting???

kj20203 of the forums asks if lane splitting is illegal. Lane splitting is riding your bike between lanes to cut through traffic. It seems like it should be illegal to save lives. A car switching lanes could easily toss you from your bike or a lot worse (ie: death). I’m all for making this kind of driving illegal if it’s actually legal anywhere and here’s a video to convince you too:

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His bike gets wrecked but luckily the rider is OK and is up and walking.

Stay safe, kids!

Most embarrassing moment

Luckie of the GSXR forums asks what your most embarrassing biker moment was, mine you ask?

The time I walked into a friend’s backyard party with my helmet on and hit their low entrance way with my head. Here’s a couple of stormtrooper’s re-enacting the scene. I’m the guy on the far right.

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What was your most embarrassing biker moment?

Packin heat?

blackcrow321 from the Kawasaki ZX forums asks if anyone carries a device that can end lives when you go on long rides? I didn’t know people actually did this and it looks like people don’t shy away from saying that they do. “Guns don’t kill people, people do” …but guns certainly do help.

Do you “pack heat”? Do you know someone who does? Do you need a gun rack?

  • Darren

    Lane splitting is perfectly legal in California, as long as you stay within limits. Off the top of my head, it’s no more than 10MPH over the flow of traffic, and 40MPH max.

    Perhaps you would be surprised to find out that the CHP (the worlds largest professional motrcyclists) was one of the major proponents of the lane splitting laws, as it solves a lot of problems in stop-n-go traffic (both for the bike and the rider). In areas where it is legal and acceptable, drivers are used to it.

    Just remember to check the *other driver’s* mirrors – if they don’t look at you they didn’t see you.

  • Ugh! I could feel the impact! So glad my courier days are far behind me…

  • FZ

    Lane sharing is legal in Cali, crossing the double yellow as seen in the video by the white van @ 11 seconds in is NOT.

    For those that want more:

  • The_AirHawk

    It seemed he WAS goin’ just a *smidge* too fast there – and accelerating. NOT that the van was in the right – but if he’d been carrying a bit less velocity, he might have been-able to react in time to avoid the clueless minivan-“driver”.

    Better to be among the living, than among the “right”.

    Glad to see he survived it – a half-second later, and instead of going-over, he might have gone THROUGH……..