In our ongoing coverage of everything worth covering and talking about and beating to death that happened at EICMA, Suzuki unveiled a new Bandit 650 range in Milan earlier this week. Both the 650 and 650SA models received styling and practical updates that bring a new sharp and dynamic look to the 2009 middleweight class.

With new edgy styling, the naked Bandit 650 is headlined by sleeker modern headlights, and newly styled mirrors that make it resemble an angry bunny rabbit. With a slimmer tail light, new instrumentation, a black engine finish and newly shaped muffler ends, the Bandit 650 mixes a track record of reliability with newly designed styling elements.

For those that want added weather protection, the Bandit 650SA offers practicality thanks to a newly designed fairing. Aerodynamically efficient, the new half fairing incorporates stacked high and low beam multi-reflector headlights, in a cowl that offers new storage bays on both sides, along with the styling updates of the naked 650.

Talking about the new models, Suzuki of Great Britain’s George Cheeseman commented, “The Bandit 650 range is very popular for us in the UK and so we welcome the news of updated versions for 2009. At the same time, I’m pleased to confirm that these models will make their UK debut at the NEC Motorcycle Show later this month.” The Bandit is apparently a popular bike in Europe, which shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone I suppose. Versatility, handling and reliability are certainly worthy attributes of any motorcycle, so the fact that the Bandit now has more modern, updated styling can only help its cause.

  • phoghat

    It sure does look purty

  • I dont’t like the headlight on the naked model. Why is it almost every manufacturer are doing these funny looking headlights?, and am I the only one who doesn’t like it?

    The SA still looks great, maybe even better than ever. the Bandit truly is an allover great bike to ride.

  • Roddas

    Great bike

    although very few photos available, it does looks much more modern..

    Now I just have to wait for the 1250 model to be available so I can replace my Bandit 1200.

    Now some optionals would be nice,,
    * heated grips
    * hand shield that is easy to remove ( for winter riding)
    * some nice luggage set up.

    and yes,,,, Suzuki, simple but nice,, what about a Nice Blue/White colour mix,,, or Blue/Silver…

    Please Mr Suzuki………………

  • johnpalmer

    is there a ‘fly screen’ available to fit around the new shape 650 naked bandit headlight on the market yet ??