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Do you use your rear brake??

Another double question mark post. mrcubes2u on the Ducati Monster forums asks if you ever use your rear brakes. The fear is that clamping that rear brake could send you into a skid and possibly a 400lb bike in the face.

Do you use your rear brakes?

Police Bike Test Report

muleskinner on the V-Twin Forum has somehow tracked down information on the LAPD’s 2006 tests on potential police motorcycles. The bikes submitted for the test were:

  • The 2006 BMW – R 1200 RT-P
  • The 2007 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide
  • The 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King
  • The 2005 Honda – ST1300 PA

Tests consisted of a high-speed and pursuit course for a rider to go through. The document even contains comments from the offices that tested the bikes about how each one felt and performed.

Here is a link directly to the document: Police Bike Test Report

Winter Preps??

Two question marks make this post even more important. JD.2008 of the R1-Forum asks what he should do to get his bike ready for wintertime storage. While there is an ongoing debate about what to do about oil, there are some good tips and good discussion as to how to keep your baby safe in the garage.

My answer? Keep the bike in your living room and everyday turn it on for a bit. Just make sure you open some windows, especially if you decide to do a few of these:

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  • buzglyd

    I use the rear on the H-D more than the Ducati. Rear brakes work pretty well on cruiser-type bikes. The forward weight bias of a sport bike makes the rear pretty useless except for low speeds, stoplights, etc.

  • Rob

    That video was priceless LOL

  • The_AirHawk

    When I was 17, my Mom was renting a semi-furnished house. We couldn’t move-in right away, as the weekend following her putting down a deposit the owners were having their Halloween party. When we got the house a few weeks later, I noticed that the carpet that HAD been in the front room was gone – no biggie, there was hardwood-floor beneath.

    I wandered-around the property a few months later and noticed a roll of carpet in a trash pile – so I unrolled it to see if I could spot why they had torn it out of the house (half-expecting to find bloodstains or a dead body…)

    Down the middle of about 3/4 of the length of the carpet, was this HUGE single-track burnout mark…….

    So, I note the shape and location, go back-into the house, and notice that there was a book-case where one “end” of the burnout-mark would have been. I pulled it out a bit, peered behind it…. and saw this huge patched-section of drywall……

    Some Party, eh?