Honda announced at EICMA that they intend to introduce a new V4 motorcycle in 2010.

Very few details about the new bike have been released, only that it will be powered by Honda’s iconic V4 engine configuration. The Japanese manufacturer is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its V4 engine.

Honda introduced a V4 concept bike in October at Intermot, and many are speculating that the new bike will resemble the futuristic-looking hubless display model.

The official announcement of the new V4 motorcycle does mention the concept bike, but doesn’t confirm that it’s what we’ll be seeing on the showroom floor. The announcement says that the “V4 production model is the result of overwhelming response from customers, media and motorcycle dealers across Europe following the debut of the V4 Concept Model”. correspondent Yossef Schvetz didn’t sound too enthused about the concept bike in his Intermot report. We’ll let you know when we find out more about Honda’s new bike.

What do you think? Would you like to see this bike at your local Honda dealership in 2010?

  • Rob

    Not sure why he would have been so negative. It looks like a great concept – nice looking bike – and I assume will replace the RC51???

  • Uncle B

    Honda may yet produce another “Toy” for the soon extinct great hulking American Neanderthal, but likely, upon his extinction in the next decade,nove from the gasoline engine era to a the more modern and environmentally acceptable battery/Electric age, as Asian daily demands and the “Yuan” outbid the American dollar for oil on world markets, and the Great Hulking American Neanderthal faces insolvency and a new, strange vegan diet in Shanty Towns, Hoover Villes, Tent cities, and tar paper shacks, the ones the New York City gives free one way bus tickets to, sprouting up all across the nation, while the Uber-Rich drive BMW’s their “road weapon” of choice against all others! The very fabric of American society is morphing as we speak, and dollars for great hairy powerful noisy motorcycles will soon be very scarce!

  • KG

    Not sure I get this post…Honda debuted a 781cc V4 in a motorcycle some years ago…called the Interceptor (VFR apparently stands for “Vee Four Racing”.

  • Hey this V4 design is very futuristic. I feel to ride this vehicle we will need clean and superb roads. This pic of motorcycle really made me crazy.