Tim Allen and Boxing Cat Productions Inc. have been named in a lawsuit for allegedly stealing the “Wild Hogs” concept from a script given to him in 1999 by Battle One Productions Inc.

The interesting part to the story is that the suit is for a measly $25,000. To put things in perspective, the middle-aged motorcycle film that came out in 2007 has grossed over $160 million, which to me is actually the most shocking part of the story.

Now, let’s get a show of hands, how many of you have actually seen this movie?


  • I’ve seen it and was quite impressed with Tim Allens acting Range. He’s really improved since Home Improvement, not only does he now grunt – but does it while riding a cruiser. Argh Argh Argh. lol

  • sololobo

    Wild Hogs, I’ll admit it, I did see it, but I saw it for free. When I saw the trailers I held out little hope for it being good. It was pretty funny actually. I think, if it was someone elses idea that they should get paid for it. Heck they are asking hardly nothing for it, so pay up guys.
    And if you haven’t seen it yet, borrow a copy if you can and see it.

  • John

    I am disappointed that so many people have to make fun of this movie. I loved it, it inspired me to plan my own cross-country motorcycle trips (I`m having an early mid-life crisis of sorts, being not yet 40), I laughed through the entire thing, and have watched it 3 or 4 times. In fact, after seeing it on an airplane, I went and bought it. Is it silly? Probably. Is the acting good? Who cares? Is the plot intriguing and realistic? Why don`t you get a life, and stop taking life and yourself and movies so seriously. Its a freaking movie, a comedy, so enjoy it, I know I sure did.

  • John throws a pretty good pitch. I might have to give it a rent.

  • Sula

    Please email me if anyone knows the law firm/lawyer who handled the scriptwriters who sued Disney for Wild hogs.