Kyle Dansie purchased his 1986 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 900 on eBay for $500. At the time, it had roughly 18,000 miles on it with only the tires, frame and suspension in working order. Kyle then managed to convert this motorcycle not only to run without gasoline, but to harness solar power to charge it.

The Ninja now uses six 12 volt batteries to reach a top speed of 55 mph with a range between 40 and 50 miles. The price tag to convert the bike was $4,388, not including the 200+ hours of labor it took to fabricate it. That figure may seem steep, but think about the savings of never having to stop at a gas station again.


  • Rob Laidlaw

    Very cool. But probably unreliable. However A+ for effort.

  • Cool bike. It’s amazing how many home grown electric bikes are out there. Quite a lot of people building them. Good indication electric will gain acceptance. Google “secrets of el ninja” for a step by step book and plans on how to build an electric ninja.

    I personally think dirt bikes make the most sense with today’s ev technology. Perfect for suburban riding parks where short range does not matter. The premium price is countered by the zero noise. Zero emissions (from the bike) make indoor riding feasible. Put those empty walmarts to good use. 😀