Often times us journalists have heated discussions around the water cooler or thoughts that pass under the helmet that are not fit to print within the context of a feature or news story. Whether it be impressions of a bike that involve four letter words, travel adventures from the road or just funny things we share to entertain each other at the office, we never quite know what to do with them. Well, they can now be found here at our very own blog. Each of us will be uploading our very own raves and rants with the ability for comment from you, our faithful audience.

A sidecar is an interesting addition to a motorcycle; one that allows for a wacky passenger or excess baggage. This blog will serve as a quirky add-on that we hope will bring hours of information and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

Ride safe,
Motorcycle.com Team

Photo by: Julie Gottesman

  • Bosco Jenkins

    Wherever the pictures are from, it’s amazing! lol!

  • FZ

    Remember the irreverence of MO? This is where you’ll find it! Welcome!

    About the photo: Kev and Pete look pretty hot without the leathers don’t they?!

  • Rob

    Just when I thought MO was getting more professional! lol… this should be fun… I’ll be sure to check back daily!

  • Michael

    Who are those foxy ladies?

  • Back off Mike, those are my sisters!

  • Now I need a sidecar to my moped =]

  • Desertbilly

    Excellent. I like blogs. My only comment is to please make it a high priority, and feed your blog every day. There’s a lot of big stuff and little stuff going on in the moto biz every day; so there should be lots of blog fodder (blodder?).

  • Darren

    Nice. Added to my feed reader right next to jalopnik. This oughta be fun!

  • hdbiker

    funny we were just talking about a quick disconnect sidecar for a 09 fhhr http://motorvation.com/index.htm i will be interested in this area

  • Wottascumbie

    I most urgently need a high quality version of the sidecar sirens as the background for my Laptop, and Desktop.

  • dbski

    I just order my first sidecar. cant wait to see what this blog turns up.