The popularity of two-wheeled transportation certainly picked up this summer, thanks mostly to the economy. Not everyone who wants one however, has a choice they can live with. Stylistically scoots sold in the states have been rather traditional and staid, that is until now. For the wanna-be crotch rocket jockey coming direct from their PT Cruiser world, Suzuki has a concept scooter that just might pique your interest.

With its low-slung step-thru Burgman scooter core, Suzuki is testing the interest with this blackened and slammed concept package. On display at the recent dealer meeting in Las Vegas, the B400Sport had the racer-like wave rotors, Biking handlebar setup, Gixxer 600 exhaust, turn-signaled mirrors, shortened windscreen and super-delicious GSX-R graphics package.

If you’re already a sportbike owner, I couldn’t see you buying one of these even if you did think it looks pretty cool. But the Burgman 400 Sport concept scooter is possibly the sportiest Japanese scooter on the future market – look out Italy! This’ll turn a few more American heads interested in getting out of the cager and joining the two-wheeled freakdom! If Suzuki is asking, I vote yes.

  • This is a sweet looking scooter. The styling reminds me of something out of Anime. Nice photos too!

  • Rob

    This is probably the best looking scooter I have ever seen. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make it… it kind of takes the scooter (which is usually lame and nerdy) and makes it cool!

  • Herb

    It’s cool rides like this and Honda’s DN-01 that draw in even more riders expanding the numbers of the riding public. Come on manufacturers, the more automatics in larger displacement the more NEW riders (and some former ones too) to bring into the sport.

    This is one cool ride. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul barnes

    I own a 650 Burgman and I like it’s styling much better than the B400 sport.I have a large after market wind screen, saddle bags, and back rest.The B400 doesn’t look like you could fit saddle bags, or back rest on it. However,It may just be too sporty looking for us older guys. good luck with it anyhow.

  • i think is great, i have ride the 650 burgman and i think is prety awsome so they should do it and launched soon

  • Mr .DevlinPrice

    I own a Honda Ruckus. It turns heads more then a Harley these days. They are not a dime a dozen and people always want to know where I got it, and what the heck it is. Now of course mine is custom, not stock. Street tires, aftermarket handlebars, digital display. lengthened motor mounts. I LOVE IT. I would run to buy one of these though!

  • Rusty

    Yes, I agree it is a sharp looking scooter, just as all the other larger Touring Scooters but I wouldn’t trade my Honda Silverwing 600 Scooter for two of these 400’s. And anyone who does not own or has ridden just about any one of the big
    Touring Scooters (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha) you don’t know what you are missing. They are the LIMO’s of the bike world.